The East Toronto Quilters Guild began 31 years ago when a few local residents with a mutual interest in quilting met informally. Members now include textile enthusiasts, knitters, weavers, fabric artists, dyers, and of course, both traditional and modern quilters.

The recent decade has witnessed a tremendous increase in techniques, fabrics, and tools available to us. Members are keen to expand their repertoire through education and exploration.

We love what we do and hope to share that love with the world.

The East Toronto Quilters Guild is an inclusive mutually supportive group. Meetings are structured but relaxed, with the main feature being a speaker. Before the meeting, books and DVDs are displayed for perusal and borrowing. The meeting starts with announcements that range anywhere from upcoming quilt shows, to workshops, and sales etc., then perhaps, some guild business.

The presenter is introduced and we enjoy his/her 30-40 minute talk and trunk show. During a refreshment break, members can visit the library or buy raffle tickets (which support our expansive library collection). After the break we have raffle draws, an exhibit of Linus quilts turned in (comfort quilts distributed to children in hospitals, losses from fire, or in shelters), and distribution of Linus material for making up new quilts.

The Show & Share  portion of the meeting offers members an opportunity to exhibit their latest creations and share the stories behind them.


To attend one meeting as a guest.

The yearly membership is $30.

Members may renew yearly for $25.

Where: Greenwood Towers

Address: 145 Strathmore Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, M4J 4Y9


Our email is etqgnews@gmail.com.

ETQG Executive 2015 – 2016

President Open etqgnews@gmail.com
Vice President Jean Roocroft etqgnews@gmail.com
Past President Linda Van Lierde etqgnews@gmail.com
Treasurer Susan Horley etqgnews@gmail.com
Membership Anthony Taylor etqgnews@gmail.com
Programs Suzanne Neilson and Karen Gregory etqgnews@gmail.com
Library Sandra Bockus and Helen Sutherland etqgnews@gmail.com
Show & Share
Eleanor Nickerson etqgnews@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor Del Hersey etqgnews@gmail.com
Social Peter Reeve-Newsona and Eleanor Nickerson etqgnews@gmail.com
Publicity Open etqgnews@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Anne Condie etqgnews@gmail.com
Challenge B.J. Reid and Del Hersey etqgnews@gmail.com
Project Linus Lynn McAuliffe and Agota Dolinay (backup) etqgnews@gmail.com
Website Doreen Ouellet and Janet Patterson etqgnews@gmail.com

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